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Welcome to Sunnybank Nursery

A warm, relaxed, and homely environment for your children

We are delighted to share with you our virtual presentation of the Nursery!

Please inquire via the Contact form on our website or at to receive this today.

We are now also offering the opportunity to view the Nursery out of hours, strictly on an appointment only basis. In order to do so you should email the Nursery Manager to inquire and our COVID-19 policy and guidance will be forwarded to yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We are open as normal to all our families and accepting new children to the Nursery.

A big thank you to all our wonderful parents who continued to support us during what has been a difficult and uncertain time for us all.

Hard and scary as it is I have complete faith in you to do the best for my little one as you always have. He’s missed you all so very much. Thanks for all you do 🙂" Beth 

"This past week Iv argued with myself if I’m doing the right thing for the boys....but speaking to other parents Iv found that other nursery’s aren’t doing half of what Sunnybank is, you always go above and beyond and it makes this decision so much easier 😊 I know they will be safe, BUT also cared for and a little bit of normality is more than needed for them....they have missed nursery so much more than I thought and I hope that they can have fun and learn with there friends again ❤️ Thank you for all you do xx" Laura

At Nursery, our staff are proud to consistently and constantly update their CPD to ensure at all times they are the absolute best they can be, with all the most recent and relevant information.

Just this week (01.06.2020) we have all completed Prevent COVID-19 training and an update on Infection Control in preparation for our wider opening.

Throughout lock down 2020, we provided our Nursery children and wider community a range of exciting activities, songs and stories every day to take part in at home.

These are displayed via our Facebook Pages and Tapestry accounts, please feel free to pop over and have a look!

As this has been such a hit with parents, extended families and within our community, we are keen to keep this going as part of our drive to support our combined approach with parents and to help learning from home as much as possible! Therefore each week on each of our media channels, various development blogs/information, activity ideas, recipe suggestions and much much more will be available to view and download.

"Elijah misses school and his friends so much! He facetimed a friend last week, that was nice for him to see someone his own age for ten minutes. He wants to know when the end of the weekend is? He watches all the videos, especially the stories with real excitement. Thanks for all you are doing!" - Beth Harrison

"Theo misses you all so much xxx" - Steph Castleton

"It's getting tough now, Sonny's little face asking if he can see you all! :( Thank you for putting a smile on their faces again! xx" - Laura Coleman

"Darcie and Harry miss you all so much xxx" - Natalie Thomas

"The boys miss Nursery so much (Sonny more so) he asks most days if he can see his nursery friends and if the germs have gone xx" - Laura Coleman

"It's nice for Sophie to see all of your faces! She is missing you all and her friends so much xx"  Laura Bennett

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Find our Risk Assessment for your information below.

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