Dates and Events


Important dates and events for 2019




Dates for July Diary

05/07/2019 – National Bear Hunt Story Day – we will be celebrating one of our favourite stories at Nursery with lots of bear inspired activities, games and even meals! πŸ“–πŸ»πŸ“–

10/07/2019 – National β€˜Don’t Step on a Bee Day’ – we will be celebrating to show our support for a global effort to help encourage and preserve bees in our natural environment. We will be doing lots of outdoor activities to explore where they live/what they eat and what we can build/make/do to help them. Please share any ideas you have with us 🐝🐝🐝

18/07/2019 – Hares Graduation Ceremony

22/07/2019 – Fete Week


Term Dates for Summer Term 2

27/07/2019 – End of term for children only attending Term Time – term has been extended for 1 week to allow us all to celebrate our annual fete week together 😊



I will be on holiday from 9th July to 18th July – however I leave you all in Alice and Gemma’s very capable hands 😊


School Leavers

If you haven’t already done so, please could you let me know if you require any sessions throughout the holidays and when your child’s last day at Nursery will be – thank you.


Hares Sports Day

WOW! What a fantastic afternoon we all had celebrating the children’s physical skills across at the park! The sun was out for us too! A big thank you to everyone who came along, especially those of you who supported us in transitioning across the busy road 😊



In preparation for school, we will be encouraging your children to talk about their day at Nursery, meals they have had etc and therefore, unless there are specific individual requests for information (for example, dietary requirements/allergies/medical needs), we will slowly begin moving away from completing Care Diaries in this group. Please discuss with Sarah your specific needs for this resource.


Insect Lore

Our annual batch of caterpillars have arrived at Nursery and we will be observing and supporting them grow over the coming few weeks! This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about care and concern and also about growth and development in the natural environment!


Fete Week

Our annual Fete Week will be held WC: 22/07/2019.

Our theme this year is … Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Staff will be dressing up throughout the week as the characters and we invite you to do so too! As normal, children will take part in a variety of baking and craft activities, along with lots of games and much more!


22/07 – Face paint and tattoo stalls

23/07 – Baking and craft stalls

24/07 – Raffle draw and activity day

25/07 – Bouncy castle and garden day

26/07 – BBQ and stay and play


Raffle tickets, BBQ tickets and tattoo permissions slips are already making their way out to you, please ensure if you are taking part that they are returned in good time – we don’t want anyone to miss out! We are looking forward to our most exciting Fete Week yet!!


Our Community

We are looking for further ways to support our local community and for our children to meet their wider community through trips and visits out. We have discussed the potential for visiting our Local Church and also developing β€˜SMILE’ days with our older generation to share reading/craft/baking activities – further suggestions are very much welcomed!

In order to do this, if you work/volunteer in any local community areas could you please email me so we could see if this is something we could do 😊


Toothbrushing Programme

We are delighted to announce that we have joined up with Derbyshire Oral Health through the NHS to provide toothbrushing during your child's day at Nursery. Derbyshire has been identified as a high decay area for Early Years and we are pleased we can offer some support!


All staff at Nursery have received training via the NHS in the correct way of brushing childrens teeth, storage and maintenance. If you have not already done so could you please send a return email stating your permission for your child to take part 😊 (Unfortunately, some of these emails have strayed to Junk files – so please check here too!