Baby Bunnies and Mini Rabbits


3 months - 12 months / 12 months - 24 months

Come on in!

Our Baby Bunnies room is currently run by Larissa Wilson. Larissa is CACHE Level 3 qualified and has been with the nursery for a number of years.  Larissa has ample experience working within this age group and is always smiling and happy.  Iona Turner works alongside Larissa as the 2nd member in the Baby Bunnies room and is also CACHE Level 3 qualified. Christine provides support within the room during sickness, training and holidays. The Baby Bunnies is staffed separately from the main nursery in order to ensure the standard of care for this special group is consistently maintained.  The unit works on the ratio of 1:3 and we are registered to take 6 under 1 year olds at any one time or up to 9 1-2 year olds.

Our Baby Unit is housed in a purpose built extension to the main nursery opened on 28th September 1998.  Our main aim is to provide a safe, loving and homely environment in which to care for and nurture the youngest members of our Nursery.  The extension consists of a large playroom with a sleep area, milk kitchen and changing room.  The room has been neutrally decorated with a black and white comfy area and is well equipped.  The furnishings in this room allow the children even of the very youngest age to be able to access and choose resources of their own choice independently. This has included two self help units along with a book trundle unit. The children are enjoying being able to choose freely and this is nurturing their independence fantastically. The unit has its own entrance which is security locked.  The Baby Bunnies entrance/exit is security locked at all times and staff respond when needed to open the door. 

Our Mini Rabbits group is the next step up from our baby unit, providing more challenging and stimulating learning environments. Emma Allen and Iona Turner currently work together in this room. Together they take this room 5 days a week, creating special relationships with the children and teaching them new skills through carefully considered, planned learning.

Our Mini's is a small group of only 6 per day and the room is staffed 1:3, following on from our approach in our babies of small, close knit key person groups, allowing for continuously high levels of care and learning.

Starting in our Baby Unit 
Babies and toddlers as well as Mummy's and Daddy's (!) all have very individual needs and these will be discussed when you visit Sunnybank.  Settling-in sessions are advised as they give everyone the chance to get to know each other.  How many and how frequent depends on the individual but we are more than happy to accommodate peoples needs.

If you are interested in a placement in our Baby Bunnies or Mini Rabbits, please feel free to ring and discuss your requirements.