24 - 36 months


The Rabbits Group is run by Gemma, who is a highly experienced member of staff.  Gemma is supported by Louise and Georgia who provide support cover throughout the week. 

Gemma is also our 2 1/2 year check lead. This role involves working closely with your Health Visitor to complete a holistic and accurate report of children between 24 and 30 months. 

Each of the above members of staff are Key People and through meaningful observation of children's play they are able to ensure children's needs and interests are met and also enhance their learning building on the children's already formed knowledge. 

Each week a planning sheet is available for parents to see detailing the adult led activities. We also plan for next steps through child led interests.

Our Rabbits group has recently had a re-development in line with its ITERS audit (Infant and Toddler Environment Rating scale). We have also recently as a setting done some training around Communication Friendly Spaces and therefore have used this knowledge in our new approach.
We have toned the background colours of the room down to a soft linen colour along with neutrally toned furniture and displays. This allows the children to focus solely on activities instead of the 'buzz' around them. This approach has been proven to promote and extend learning.

Free Places for 2 Year Olds

Some 2 year olds in England can also get free entitlement to education and childcare.

If your child is eligible, you can start claiming the term after they turn 2. The date you can claim will depend on when their birthday is.

Child’s birthday and when you can claim:

1 January to 31 March -  the beginning of term on or after 1 April 
1 April to 31 August  -   the beginning of term on or after 1 September 
1 September to 31 December -  the beginning of term on or after 1 January